About Us


Mission Statement

Next Step Network (NSN) provides peer-led social activities and support to assist adults with serious mental health problems in their recovery process.

By accessing social activities, recreational, educational, vocational and peer support strategies, individuals will be able to participate in society and reach their highest potential.



Respect, dignity, individuality, confidentiality, diversity, integrity, honesty, equality, empowerment, optimism, non-judgmental attitude and self determination.


Our Goals

To set up and host an activity based, peer-led, social and activity membership group.

To provide peer-led, social activities to enable members to gain friendship, confidence and access community facilities.

To provide peer support and self help strategies to enable empowerment of individuals and self responsibility.

To work with others to ensure equity for people of all ages/disabilities to access appropriate preventive and effective programs, treatments, services and supports around their needs.

To engage and support standards that people with substance abuse and mental health problems are valued members of society.



Membership of Next Step Network (NSN) is voluntary and without time limit. Membership is open to all residents within Nottinghamshire who have or have had a mental health problem.

All members have equal opportunities to access all social activities run by the centre, as dictated by that activity group’s criteria.