Volunteering for Next Step Network

With increasing interest in a number of activities, Next Step Network requires extra volunteering. This will help to facilitate both current and additional mental health support groups in and around Nottingham.

The majority of our groups are social or recreational. They don’t require a massive amount of input. Are generally an enjoyable experience. They do, though, provide a much needed service for adults living with mental health complications in Nottinghamshire.

In order to do this, we need more volunteers to help run things…

Interested in volunteering for NSN?

Not only would this role prove to be thoroughly rewarding in your personal development, journey or recovery but also help provide for the recovery & support of others. It would also embellish any CV, helping with finding paid work in the future.

If the answer to the above question is yes, please let us know your availability, areas of expertise and any previous experience of group work. Contact Chris on 07564 031761 or email us via https://www.nextstepnetwork.info/contact-us/